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Empowering learners with specific needs


Early Learning Centre

Who we AreOur Programmes

Caring Environment

To optimally address learners with specific educational needs' requirements.

Individualised Learning

Focus to continuously develop every learner's unique strengths in the classroom.

Enabling Neuro-diversity

To reach and ultimately maintain the best of their neuro-diverse abilities, long term.

Empower Learners

Empower our learners and teach them the necessary skills to become independent adults.

A Warm Welcome

Thank you for selecting Edu – Play Early Learning Centre in your search for the best education for your child.

The journey of discovery is an important time for you and your family. We hope you will use the information here to learn about the educational opportunities available and trust that ours will be the kind of educational institution that suits you best.

Our Focus

Enable and Empower our Learners with specific educational needs

Edu-Play's focus is to enable the learners to develop to the best of their ability and potential. We empower the family as a whole: the learner, parents, siblings as well as extended family. We fully support the global development of each learner; moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. Our welcoming and caring environment ensures that learners with specific educational needs' requirements (educational and therapeutic), can be addressed optimally.

Our Aims and Objectives

We aim to provide the highest possible standard of holistic education

We aim to enable differently-abled and neuro-diverse learners to reach and maintain their optimum physical, sensory, intellectual and/or social function levels, long term. We want to provide learners with specific needs with the tools to enhance their lives and to give them a greater degree of independence, well-being and self-confidence. We encourage equality and promote change in the attitude towards people with disabilities.

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General Information


English & Afrikaans dual medium classes

Age Groups

Learners aged from 3 years to 16 years old

Class Size

Controlled classes, maximum eight learners


Class 08:30 - 14:00
Aftercare 14:00 - 17:15

We take pride in acknowledging the entities within our Edu-Play Group.

The Edu-Play Group consist of Edu-Play Early Learning Centre, our learning/school centre; Edu-Play Family Centre, our family and workshop centre; Sisu-Centre, our young adult centre, and Noodle Play Co, our practical skills and sheltered employment centre.

Edu-Play Family Centre

Our Edu-Play Family Centre offers a holistic approach to support the whole family, with one-on-one tutoring, home programmes, training for parents and tutors as well as a distance learning programme.

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SISU Centre
SISU Young Adult Centre

SISU offers a transition programme for young adults between the ages of 16 - 35. Our prevocational skills programme is person-centered and developed to enhance each individual's strengths.

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Noodle Play Co
Noodle Play Co Skills Centre

Noodle Play Co provides sheltered employment for trainees who in turn cater to meet the needs of parents looking for party packs as well as suitable sensory and educational products for their children.

Noodle Play Co

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Embarking on the educational journey at Edu-Play promises a profoundly enriching experience, and we invite you to explore the possibility of joining our vibrant school community.

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