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What We Do

to Learn and Grow

Edu-Play Group is an umbrella term for 3 different entities: Edu-Play Early Learning Centre which is a private independent special needs school, Edu-Play Family Centre which provides tutoring and training services and last but not least the SISU Centre, which is a transition program for young adults focusing on skills such as functional academics, personal development skills, adaptive living skills and prevocational skills.

Our Centres, Edu-Play Early Learning Centre, Edu-Play Family Centre and Sisu Centre, caters for learners and trainees who have specific learning needs, medical conditions and related developmental conditions such as Autism, Extreme Demand Avoidance (EDA), rare genetic conditions, Down Syndrome and Anxiety.

This is what makes us Unique!

"We believe each learner has potential and can thrive when given the right opportunities. We are passionate about making them feel included, happy and comfortable so that they are optimally engaged to learn. We are big supporters for self-advocacy and allowing learners and trainees to express themselves."
- Edu-Play Group Management


There is an option for aftercare from 14:00 until 17:15. This also has a structured program which includes, sensory play, homework or story time, free play and educational videos.

Holiday Programme

A holiday programme occurs during school holidays when the Centre is closed. Learners engage in a structured but relaxed programme, filled with various creative, functional and sensory activities. They also participate in daily themed activities to keep them occupied and learning more.

Extra Mural Activities

We have a variety of extra murals offered by external companies, during school hours. These offerings change yearly and depend on the amount of interest shown. Examples are click-a-mouse, rugby, karate, netball, music box and hippotherapy. Demos are normally arranged at the beginning of the year.

School Uniform

Learners wear a comfortable school uniform from Mondays to Thursdays and have a civvies day on Fridays. The uniform can be ordered from the school.

Saturday Shenanigans

Once a term we host a Saturday Shenanigans for the learners from 9am – 12pm. This is a fun morning, filled with sensory play etc and gives parents the opportunity to have some time to themselves.

Simply Siblings

Simply Siblings is a morning where we celebrate the siblings of our neuro-diverse learners and provides these siblings and parents the opportunity to enjoy quality time together.

We Stay in Constant Contact


Edu-PlayEarly Learning Centre makes use of a communication app to send daily feedback, notices and homework. Should you have any questions please send us a message on the allocated app. The SISU group receives their feedback and notices via email.

Class Reps

We do have class representative group on Whats App where communication regarding special dates and notices are sent as well.

ISP Meetings

Formal parent meetings or ISP meetings take place in the first and third term of every year. However should you have any concerns before contact us to arrange a meeting.

Edu-Play Early Learning Centre
Edu-Play Early Learning Centre

Individualised Support Plans


The learners follow Individualised Support Plans. There is a strong focus on communication and adaptive living skills. Parents provide their own snacks as many learners are picky eaters. Learners receive homework from grade R onwards.

CAPS Curriculum

Some learners follow the CAPS curriculum stringently. In the foundation phase they are continuously assessed throughout the term. In the intermediate phase they are assessed through projects, assessments and examinations. Some learners follow the CAPS curriculum and start to straddle a subject within a grade.

Functional Curriculum

Other learners no longer meet all the requirements for the CAPS system and move to a Functional life skills curriculum. The focus remains on reading and writing however it is presented in a functional manner. This includes telling time, working with money, preparing meals, domestic skills etc.

The Fun Stuff

Feel the Happy with Us!

As a Centre we believe in the enabling our learners and trainees to be independent productive members of society, therefore we have enrichment visits and outings, starting a vegetable garden at school, help feeding the animals, taking part in the car wash, sell crafts made at the school market once a term, our trainees run a tuckshop with treats and sensory products (known Ammie & Us) and sells Wei Co coffee, rent out space for birthday parties with party packs (packed by our trainees), arrange Parent Support groups, Saturday Shenanigans and Simply Siblings!

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