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Support Services


the holistic support approach

At Edu-Play, our meticulous selection process ensures that we provide targeted recommendations for comprehensive and specialised support services that go beyond our in-class offerings. These services are customised to address the distinct needs of every student in our commitment to fostering personalised and effective learning experiences.

Holistic Individualised Support

Demonstrating our dedication to cultivating a nurturing and inclusive educational setting, we support a diverse array of support services designed to complement and enrich your child's individualised education plan.

We highly recommend the skilled therapists listed below, who provide outsourced support services that align with our commitment to your child's holistic development.

Speech Therapy

To enhance communication skills, via traditional therapy, sign language or AAC devices.

Occupational Therapy

To address sensory and motor challenges, as well as attention deficits and hyperactivity.

Exercise Therapy and Massage

The exercise therapy involves structured physical activities tailored to individual needs and abilities, aiming to improve motor skills, sensory processing, and overall well-being.

Educational & Child Psychology

We can recommend educational psychologists to identify the learner's scholastic level as well as learning barrier accommodations. We can also suggest as child psychologist to get a deeper understanding of individual needs and traumas.

Neuro-diverse Training

To understand the realm of neur-diversity, how the spectrum works and to embrace diverse learning styles, we recommend Edu-Play Family Centre.


Hippotherapy is done using horses,for physical and emotional development of the learner. It also addresses anxiety, depression and emotion irregulation.

We are here to Help!

Our staff compliment of trainers and teachers have extensive experience working with learners with learning differences and developmental conditions. We also have personal experience with children on the spectrum and really care about your and your child's journey.

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